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What I've been up to recently in the creative sphere!


I'm always looking out for new ways to explore my potential as an artist, a lot of the time this in the smaller ways that don't make it onto my social media or the sketchbook page of my website so I decided to make this page to celebrate those smaller, no less meaningful, projects.

Commuting Days

I've started a new project where I draw daily sketches of people I see on the commute into Charing Cross. Sunny days are the best for this because they can't see that I'm staring at them! It's great to experiment with bits of colour and patterns and draw intuitively.

Business Re-Design

It was great to redesign this small business in Matlock. I redesigned their business card and their website, which can be found at: . Great for transferring film & VHS to CD or digital.

Volunteering at Ravenshead C of E Primary 

During a trip to the midlands to visit family I returned to my old primary school to help out painting displays. The school is changing their displays to be more immersive, it was great to see the change from when I was there and I loved getting a chance to paint on such a big canvas! 

Boat Display_edited.jpg
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